They call me Princess.

Then again, they did say it after being threatened...

Wondering What Breakfast Is (AKA Julia)
7 June 1994
Since my former profile was 'severly outdated' *coughleftaloneformemoriessakecough*, I decided to clean it up. Also, doing so would prove a point. A very good point, and then I would win. And I like winning.

In any case, my name is Julia. J. U. L. I. A. Please. Do not refer to me as Jules or Julie, unless you intend on marrying me or I seriously owe you somehow. <3 You can call me JP, J, Miss Pont, Princess Julia... names are super important to me, and they do carry amazing weight. I find names to hold more meaning and clue to who you are.

I'm 16. Freshly 16. I'm old, yes. But I take age in stride. Fine wines, right? Besides, that means I only have two years to wait~ Legality, here I come!

I'm going to be a junior in high school one of these days. I'm also going to have a boyfriend, and actually go out on a date one of these days. I've been saying that last one for years, but alas, it's not to be~ [So does that mean you're not going to be a junior?]

I like to be a boy, even when I am female. I am told I am a woman, but I believe myself to be at least halfway male. For every time I like to wear dresses and heels and be a princess, I like to beat some people up, prove I am capable of doing serious damage, get in fights, rough it a bit. I am of a dual nature, where I am every bit of a guy as I am a girl. I am definitely a set of contradictions, where one day I'm one thing, and the next I'm something different entirely. Wrong, right, day, night, dark, light... In love, in hate, all of that. It varies, so it pays to watch what I do. Offending me is nigh impossible. Flattering me the right way takes a bit of effort~

I like to talk about myself. Anything about myself. Anything at all. My favourite flower, something odd I did when I was seven, what my parents were like, if I prefer kneehighs to thighhighs... whatever pops into your mind. Ask, and you shall recieve.