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Moved to pontaneous . Journal entries will stay up here until further notice. <3

JP [so long and thanks for all the fish!]



...so this is for torrens_v_casus because he's a jerk, and just to make him squirm because I WON. HAHA. TAKE THAT. I STILL LOVE YOU BUT YOU LOST. <3 And yeah. He cannot win here. Because hey. Now I have eleven entries, just to piss him off. In any case, I will use this as my argument against him forever more because I am one helluva charismatic individual. And he knows it, lucky for me.


Pretend I wrote a long lengthy post about Thomas, Masu, Dibby, and Michael Jackson, as well as some side notes on my awesomeness. You're a creative bunch. GO FORTH. BE FREE. All of that. xD

I love you?


[Copypasted from incantare. four girls + odd hours of the morning = fucking awesome]

My dear Demi, I deeply apologise for making you miserable for about an hour, in which you believed that I was going to drop Renge. For all of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, here's the abridged version. Demi-dove sent me a game where she played Renge, and I became a bit peeved. So, just for fun, I told her I was going to drop aforementioned French idiot. Then, I asked Mel, Dante, and Lisa to aid me in this totally harmless (at the time) practical joke. After about an hour of tears, and the four of us stringing her along, I thought it would be fair to tell her we were kidding. I did, and the convo went like this:

"I feel better now..." "yeah? you know what would make you feel even better?" "What?" "That everyone you talked to was in on the joke, and I'm not really dropping her~" "..." "..." "BULLSHIT." "Nope!"

Well, since I was the ringleader, my accomplices got it first. "All parties are hanged", she said. So now I'm issuing a formal apology to Lisa, Mel, and Dante. Oh god, Dante, I'm REALLY sorry. I do believe mental scarring is an understatement, yes?

Also, to Demi too. But it was all in fun, I promise! no ill will! I did it out of love, and PLEASE stop terrorising the innocents. ;_;

/end formal apology.



[And when the world burns, she will be the one responsible. But before it does, he wants to see her cry. ]

And he dances around her in circles, in circles, in circles...


She's giving it her all, she is. He's following her, defending everything he ever was, feet barely touching the ground, they're moving so fast. He's an apt warrior, and she was born to murder. Flashes of metal fly across the air between them, each angrier and more determined than the one previous. He wants her to sob for mercy, to beg to let her live, to remind her that she will lose everything in the end, and this empire is not eternal.

Britannia shall fall and wither away, and Japan will be remembered as the hero who destroyed the tyrants, the dictators, the monsters called royals.

She blames her father for this predicament. He let her take his position as he became much less than a memory. She's now the most hated woman to ever be, and it's his fault. Alfred and Matthew created her, and now Britannia is alone, with the world ready to find her Achilles' heel and destroy her lightning fast.

Kiku and his people want her destroyed. No longer will he be a number, or her slave, but Nihon, a country that will tear Constantine to shreds. He wants her to die. Every single one of them hates her.

She never wanted it to become like this. She's told them a thousand times, this has gone too far, but she cannot betray her people. They are her everything, and without them, she will do as everyone wishes, and fall.

The world will die with her, they know. But they would rather have a dead world than a living Britannia.

Constantine holds her head high in battle, no matter how many times Kiku tries to stab her, tear her apart. No matter how many times her ankles falter, and her legs give out, she refuses to have her pride tarnished. But now he's...

He throws his sword aside, and tackles her to the ground, and raises his arm to punch her, and make her shed tears, one for every Japanese person that was killed by a Britannian fool. But he could never hit her. Kiku could never deliver the beginning of many blows to follow. He will destroy her, but not now, when she is doomed to break.

"Hit me." She says. "Go ahead. I deserve it."

He does, and Euphemia is shot.

She slaps him in return, and Suzaku's and Lelouch's hearts break in unison.

He reaches for his sword, and the Lancelot and its devastated pilot search for Zero.

She closes her eyes, and Cornelia loses sight of Guilford.

He raises it above her head, and Jeremiah enters the fray. But he puts it back down.

The first F.L.E.I.J.A. is fired, and Tokyo becomes nothing but a gaping hole in the earth. Constantine has pulled a dagger out from her uniform, and stabbed Kiku in the side. She's resorted to dirty tactics to preserve a foul ego.

"I'm not dead yet..." He whispers, as Nina screams.

She's furious with herself. Britannia is a fool to even think of tangoing with Japan, because he is a nation, not an area, of determined people, She should've left him alone, but she's losing everything left and right. The only thing she could've ever done was to remind him of who she was, who she was created by, and tear him down.

But he's been standing this entire time. Nothing could ever take him down.

He's losing blood at an alarming rate, and he sinks to his knees, holding his side, doing his very best to hold himself together in multiple ways. Everything is falling apart, and the Lancelot is gaining an incredible amount of speed on Zero's Knightmare. This can't be the end.

He's fading. But he sees Constantine in tears, holding her hand over her mouth, wincing, sobbing uncontrollably. She stands where she is, not walking away in triumph, but leaving him on the ground. She's ashamed of herself, and she knows Japan may not make it through this. But she's obligated to her people...

Suzaku fires at Zero, showing his real face, and not one, but two, friends of Lelouch see who he is. The officer holds his gun, and has his finger at the ready. Lelouch is the same.

Kiku smirks. "This isn't the end, Britannia. Japan will be back, and tenfold..."

A gunshot rings out in the cave, and Kiku loses consciousness. The room grows colder for a moment, and Constantine runs. She can't stay when it was she who did this. Kiku has to be tended to, but she refuses to be the one to help. She's done enough damage as it is.

She hates herself, when it is all said and done. It is not Alfred, nor Kiku, nor Matthew, Lelouch, Charles, Kallen, Suzaku... It is not their fault. It is Britannia, Constantine... She can only blame herself.

And she will hate herself in the end...


{Good, isn't it? That's what I thought too.

Britannia's name is Constantine for now, but it's a WIP. Japan and Britannia need to hook up in my head or something. She's pretty cute. you know, for a country. I HAZ SKETCHIEZ. 8D

Devin, Tia. This is for you, my home skillets. OMGILY~}

Tamaki Suoh.

The name alone makes you think "Wow. That is one hell of a name. I bet it belongs to some amazingly handsome French man who can make both guys and girls swoon.

"And he's got the most amazing head of hair ever. And did I say he's gorgeous? Because he so is."

Wow... I would want to date this Tamaki guy. I mean, if that's the kind of visions his name alone evokes, imagine what you would think when you saw him in real life. You'd definitely want that sexy man beast in your pants, right? I don't care if you're a straight male, I know you're lusting after him too. EVERYONE is.

Perfection like Tamaki is ALWAYS lusted after.

See, now, you're in luck, because I'm going to teach you how to land amazing men like Tamaki Suoh. (I'M TALKING TO YOU KYOUYA, YOU EMO BASTARD. Tamaki wants sex from you.) I'm going to teach you tricks that only blonde, sexy, amazingly gorgeous French men would know.

Tricks that only blonde, sexy, amazingly gorgeous French men like myself would...

SHIT. I WASN'T SUPPOSED TO SAY THAT. Oh well, we can skip the insanely formal introductions. Gah, hate those. They make me feel like Kyouya. Stiff bastard. Oh, no. Not like that. If it were like that, I wouldn't have time to write a guide on how to be the best lover ever.

Hikaru and Kaoru alternately titled this guide "How To Be So Gay It Makes Rainbows Cry", but I say they're just jealous of my insanely good looks, and my seventy percent request rate. I'm telling you, everyone wants a piece of this! And if you don't, you obviously are not human. Or living. Or both.

So I, the sexiest half-Frenchman ever give you this:


Great title, right? It starts with my name, of course it's great! Now, this guide has to be followed like it's law. You drift off the course... Well, good luck getting laid. Because this guide is going to be written mostly for guys, because anything with a penis (besides myself) thinks with said penis, any female who reads this should print this out and use it to determine if your man is up to Tamaki standards. If he's not, then have fun bitching at each other for the rest of your sad miserable married lives.

But I'm sure Mr. Non-Tamaki will give you beautiful children! Just not as beautiful as the children we could produce.

So, anyway, this guide is helpful for everyone, therefore, EVERYONE must read it. So learn from your wise teacher, and you shall be happy. Forever. With lots of sex. Because sex equals happiness.

And that's what we learn in Japanese schools. Or at least, that's what I get from the lesson. I'm thinking that's probably not the right thing to say to the public, but bah. I'm too amazing to get flamed or sued.

ANYWAY, (I'm getting off track. BUT PAY ATTENTION TO EVERY WORD I SAY.) here are the rules on how to be the best, or really second best because I am the best, lover ever.

1. Be French
2. Be Blonde
5. ..... Revise Number Four
6. Pick Up Sticks
7. Dress Classy
8. Charm/Chivalry
9. Fat girls are people too
10. OWN UP.

And those are my rules. I suggest you start living by number five as that is...

THESE AREN'T MY RULES. I'm going to KILL Hikaru! And Kaoru! THOSE DEVILS.

Anyway, here are my new rules.

1. Always look your best.
2. Play on your strengths
3. Never have low self esteem. (Girls do not like that. Unless you start crying. and even then KEEP IT UNDER CONTROL.)
4. Always be kind.
6. ... Pick up sticks. (That actually was on my original list.. heh.)
7. Think Bond. James Bond.

Okay, I'm now lazy, so 8, 9, and 10 are the same.

8. Be charming/Chivalrous
9. Fat girls are people too. (They are. really. So love them and their curves. And their cute chubby cheeks.)
10. OWN UP.

And just one extra one...


Each rule will be covered in depth, with funny little anecdotes to back them up, okay? I don't leave my worshi-- I mean, fellow men hanging...

If you have questions, I WILL have answers. Even if the ladies need a tip or two, I am here! Because that is what a lovely man does. He helps everyone. Which is basically like being Google with legs.

For Google helps all.


Small little author's note: Hello, Tamaki here! Your regularly scheduled author, Wondering What Breakfast Is, or Julia as some call her, is giving me a chance to write a story on her profile! Isn't she so nice? So anything relating to this guide is directed at moi, and not the other lovely.

Now, don't put your questions in reviews! Put them in PMs or even in an e-mail! (To Julia, sadly, as I don't have one...) I will respond graciously to every one of them! Unless you insult my dashing good looks. Then I will not reply as graciously.

Reviews are much appriciated, and if you get your questions in before the next chapter of my guide is up, you just might have it answered!

(also thank you to the beautiful LiKe A dRuG, AKA Dibby, who helped me start this. I'd marry her if I didn't love Kyouya so much. I love you, my princess!)



So, here's the girl who tries to stay away from shipping. SHIPPING.

Today, I was watching Hannah Montana (Not Julia! I KNOW. But hear me out!) and for the longest time, I've loved when the girl's best friend ends up with her brother. Ron and Hermione, for one. Bella and Edward, too. Alice and Bella are BFF's. Alice and Edward are 'siblings'. Edward and Bella made SUPAH BAYBEE.

If letting your brand new wife nearly DIE to have a mutant baby isn't love, then what is? (Can you tell there is no love for Twilight? I love it, yet hate it at the same time...)

And Spencer/Sam from iCarly is pretty damn amazing. But they're writing in Spencer/Mrs. Benson. Definitely not my ship of choice. Nice, but no.

There's also Sokka/Toph from Avatar: the Last Airbender, Cory/Chelsea from That's So Raven, and Justin/Harper from Wizards of Waverly Place, and....

Yeah, Disney shows do it for me. And I suggest you watch 'As the Bell Rings' if you like my little Marauder gang. Danny = James, Lexi/Charlotte = Lily, Skipper = Sirius, Tiffany = Evan (Except Evan is SOOOOOOOOOO much smarter. *ego alert* Like me. ^_^) Toejam = Remus, and Brooke = Mina.


Anyway! Back to the matter of shipping and sinking. Hannah Montana's the only one I really argue with myself over. BUT! I have been supporting Jackson/Lilly since day one. No doubt about it. Sure, Oliver/Lilly is too cute, but Oliver/Miley just... WORKS.

So tonight's episode was one where Jackson and Lilly both like each other. And Miley tears them apart and... I was so happy my ship got it's own episode. I was screaming and fangirling in front of my mom, who was wearing the face of a producer listening to the next big thing in music. Very intrigued... But at the end of the episode, there was a HORRIBLE TWIST.

Miley had dreamed the entire thing! WHAT. THE. HELL. And then Lilly went 'bleh!'

My heart broke. I then cried the shards out and made my eyes bleed. My mother reminded me I write fanfiction for fun, so I could make half canon my own little happy reality!


But I'm pretty sure you all know the first part.

And so, here's my challenge to anyone who has the misfortune of reading this:

Write a Jackson/Lilly when all of Hannah's hype has disappeared. It can be angsty, sad, fluffy, cute... whatever! as long as all lose ends have been tied up.

Oh! one more thing! I'm sleeping over at Kelsea's tomorrow. I'm so excited!

We really didn't mean to blow up your house last time! honest!


I would COMPLETELY mess up nature's colours. Because I'm evil.

Nah... I might change certain trees to black (but only the awesomely creepy ones I love) and people could be blue, or two toned (Black/Lime green anyone?)

And maybe the waters could seriously be crystal clear. AND MOAR ORANGE FLOWAHS.

But rainbows would stay the same. Except brighter. Because rainbows are LOVE.

And the night sky would stay the same, too. (but harvest moons more often wouldn't be too bad...)

I like nature the way it is. I really do. Except for mosquitos. Mosquitos are little monsters, and I HATE them. But we still need them. Kinda. So the nasty little buggers would have to stay. D:


SO... we finally learned something in class today. YEY. I really do like learning. Seriously, I would live in a library for the rest of my life if I could.

But it would have to be like the Library of Congress, or the Ancient Library of Alexandria. Not your run-of-the-mill public library. NO. It has to be well stocked with LOTS of fantasy books, or those lovely teen/young adult books (Twilight. BLARGH. Guilty pleasure, though. Don't deny me a book with sexy werewolves. TEAM JACOB FTW.)

ANYWAY. I decided to give my teachers special HP names. DOUBLE YEY.

Coach Glenton- Trelawney (though Sybill PWNS Glenton. by a mile.) [PE]
Mrs. Stewart- She is like the Snape to my Slytherin (but I'm a Gryffindor, so no Slytherin) So she's kinda like Moody. Kickass, but intimidating. [Drama]
Mr. Gruber- I originally called him Remus, but I LOVE Remus. So he is now what James potter would've been if he was a professor. I like James, but he can be SO infuriating! [English I Honours]
Mr. Melillo- He was originally Sirius, but I changed him to Remus. HE'S AN ARTIST. Yey! I really like talking to him. He gives me all these little tips. Which is why I like him. [Geometry I Honours]
Mr. Cameron goes here, but he's special. He gets his own paragraph later. [AP Human Geography]
Mrs. Cole- My least favourite. She's like an Umbridge/Binns mix. Terribly boring, but EVIL. And she teaches my college class. I need it for credits. [Student Success]

Mr. Cameron is so special he gets his own paragraph. I absolutely LOVE him. Like he's so badass, he gives Snape and Albus a run for their money. And he's incredibly funny. I swear I will not fall asleep in his class. I already did, so I can't for the rest of the year. He talks. He talks A LOT. But he's the kind of teacher where you like listening to him. And he asks questions that you want to answer. I did my best to answer every question he asked.

(Plus he let me write on the board. :3 i was one of three people who got to answer on the board. Everyone liked my handwriting and answer best.)

(And besides, if I can write on his board, he is the ultimate win in my book.)

Mr. Cameron likes food. He said so himself. And I think he's such a cool guy for making himself the butt of his own fat jokes. I seriously would love to have a debate with him at least once.

So that is why I named him Sirius.

I love Sirius, and if a man can reach Sirius status I either a) want to marry him, or b) respect him highly.

Obviously, it's A. ;P

Cameron has joined the ranks of Sirius status teachers. Mr. Ingraham (who was special enough for choice C, which was do them XD Nah, he was major choice A.) is the only other one.

I was never in Ingraham's class, but I wish I had been. He used to make me feel special... and loved. And he was amazing. He could be snarky and mean and sarcastic, but he was VERY charming and kind and funny.

Not to mention handsome....

But I got something else! Today I had PE first and I thought we were supposed to go to the locker room because she said we were going to the gym on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Today is Tuesday.

I went to the gym to dress out.

Well, no one was there. I thought it was because I was early. And then some of my classmates came in. So I said, what the hey, and put on my uniform.

Well, no one was there once I was done, and I sat in there and waited for a bit, and then said 'OHMYGOD. WHERE ARE THEY?!'

So, dressed in my uniform--

WAIT. Okay, I'm wearing brown sneakers, blue socks, purple shorts, and this ucky yellow/gold t-shirt. It's just not a good combo on a fattie.

Not to mention I have a bright pink bookbag. (That was not by choice...)

So me and my technicolour self head up to the PE classroom. I'm near tears, and I'm halfway hoping no one showed up for class.


So I come bursting into the classroom, and everyone is like WTF?! I just about died on the spot. But that was before I had to relate my story of why I was late and why I was wearing my uniform.

I think that's when I died.

But then we go BACK to the locker rooms, men in tow. I'm just like 'This has to be the worst EVAR.'

I got to change out. Eventually. But I swear, if I become Uniform Girl, there will be hell to pay...

I'll keep you all updated with my adventures in high school. There will be more, you can be sure of that.

If you could pick any TV show that has been off the air to come back for one more season, which show would you pick and why?

Okay, I know it hasn't been taken of the air COMPLETELY, but If I could have one show come back like it used to, it would be Sailor Moon. Seriously! I loved it! Me and my friends used to be the Sailors (Myself being Sailor Jupiter *snort*) and we had so much fun. But that was over 6 years ago.

That, or the old cartoon 'Aladdin'. That was the best show EVAR. I love when they show old episodes. It's like I'm in preschool again!

Well, the rest of me. My brain has stayed in 1999. Which is cool.

Hemingway was once challenged to write a story in only six words. His response? “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” He is believed to have called it his greatest literary work ever. Can you write a story in six words?

It's not like I stole it!

Falling is easy. Flying is not.

Just because you care, I don't.

You make stupid look like fun.

That cat eated your cookie. Ha.

Even you read awesome books, right?

Remind me why I love you.

Math: George does not equal Fred.

Six words is not nearly enough.

Does 'Happily Ever After' truly exist?

These stories are just short sentences.

Writing takes true creativity and imagination.

'Abbreviation' needs to be abbreviated NOW.

I can't think of any more...
Okay, so there's this tropical storm, and it's being mean, so I've got about two seconds to get what I'm about say out.

It's raining, it's wet.


Uh, I'll say something smarter once it stops raining, and making my computer mad.